I’m Rick Hincks, I’m a Manchester based freelance designer who works across both print & digital, and, when the situation calls for it, I can dabble in a bit of basic front-end development. My background covers the whole range of design, from branding & marketing to web design and video. My recent work has been predominantly digital, but I also have a real love for creating a whole integrated campaign for a brand and seeing it develop.

I’m a big believer in making sure you’re proud of what you and your agency put your name to and not just firing out whatever you can get paid for. We’re not in this business to just do “what the client wants”, we’re paid to create something that the client needs.

I’ve spent the last 2 - 3 years on large projects for Unilever, The Co-operative Bank and Lexus.

Previous agencies include:

Freelance (How Splendid, Retrofuzz, Pravda, Red C), Passion for Creative.

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Freelance Senior Designer

Working at studios in and around Manchester. Currently working on the UI for a national online banking site.

Previous roles:

2009 - 2014 Senior Designer at Amaze Plc

Working predominantly on the Unilever and Lexus UK accounts, my work spans across both the site and both the Unilever internal and external channels. I'm also required to be the PM's point of contact for a number of jobs coming in to our creative team. I work closely with them to brief in the jobs, assist other members of the team and to work with the Project Managers to make sure jobs are delivered correctly, on time and to the best of our ability as a team.

2008 - 2009 Freelance Designer

Working at studios in and around Manchester. Companies include: Retrofuzz, Pravda, Red C.

2006 - 2008 Designer at Passion For Creative

In charge of all Multimedia work at the company. As a small 4 strong agency, we would all share the load; managing our own projects, creating branding for clients and distributing the identity over the design of the clients site, livery, signage, products and across TV, radio and both on and offline advertising.

Clients include:

Unilever, Barclaycard, The Co-operative Bank, NSPCC, Serco, Hiscox, Lexus, Toyota, Manchester City, Coats Plc, Dyson, Odeon, BBC, Chicago Town, Siemens, Polydor Records, Transgressive records, Scottish Power, Littlewoods.

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What I'm good at


  • Design & Planning for Mobile & RWD
  • User Interface Design
  • Art Direction
  • Print Design & Planning
  • Brand Creation & Development
  • Integrated Marketing Campaigns
  • Brand Positioning
  • CSS & HTML
  • Drinking Cider
  • Wireframing
  • Storyboarding
  • Socialising
  • Video & Flash Animation
  • Sound Editing


  • Photoshop
  • Illustrator
  • inDesign
  • Coding software (Sublime Text etc)
  • Fifa 13
  • After Effects
  • Flash
  • Final Cut
  • Premiere
  • SoundBoard
  • Axure


NSPCC Brand Refresh

As Creative Lead on this project I had to help guide the creative team to create a new brand and visual representation of the chosen creative strategy. This came in the form of a refreshed identity, press advertising and 'mood video'.

It was decided early on not to experiment with the font of the logo, due to it's 98% brand recognition, it was therefore key to make font for the line 'protecting childhood' to do all of the work in the identity refresh.

The font, coupled with the strong imagery, bringing across the unique imagination of children, really helped strengthen the message of protecting the freedom and fun that childhood brings. Something that every child deserves.

This was a job that we were all very proud of, and thoroughly enjoyed working on. Part of the project was to create a mood video to help demonstrate the message and approach we recommended, which can be seen below.

Mood video >

Print Shop

At the beginning of 2013, I gave myself a target to create a series of prints that I could sell online and hopefully develop on. What I came up with was a series based around significant moments in football.

The idea was to simplify such a moment to the fine, intricate details and capture the moment in time.

Since November of 2013 the prints have taken off, most notably during the world cup as I produced new prints for moments almost as they happened. The press coverage consists of 50+ pieces around the globe and counting. Orders have been sent out to 24 regions of the globe.

Visit the shop >

Unilever Digital Rebrand & Guidlines

Unilever required us to work with their new brand guidelines to create a set of digital guidelines for their global sites. This would have to work with the existing content on the .com site and the existing CMS platform.

Our team provided a detailed document of guidelines that covered the basics of accessible colours, grids, button stylings and font usage. We added extra detail to cover functional styling, module elements, microsites and social channels. Alongside the document, we set up a working online page with all new modules and elements, with both standard and enhanced styling, and provided photoshop toolkits and relevent assets on their online brand centre for download. >
Amaze/Unilever Showreel >

Unilever 'Mobile Design' Guidelines

Unilever approached us to create a document for internal use that would advise their in house teams on best practices when designing mobile and web apps.

The document was based around the 'mobile first' principles of stripping content back and keeping everything simplistic and well sign posted. We pushed the ideas of prioritising content over navigation, breaking down long forms and knowing when to use native components.

With areas such as the use of images still being such a sticky point, the document covered all possibilities and linked to findings in research so that the user could decide what was best for their job.

Lexus iPad app

The Lexus iPad app was a new design and build to replace their existing app. The app is used by the sales teams at exhibitions and is an ideal way for them to quickly arrange test drives for customers. The app was to be simplistic and extremely easy to use, so if necessary it can be left with customers without the risk of other customers details being found.
The design was created whilst working closely with the build team to make sure nothing was being designed that would push the limitations of the build platform/budget too far.

Unilever Internal Guidelines

Following on from the digital guidelines, the internal channels needed a full re-design to incorporate the new brand. They had to work within the Sharepoint 2010 platform and be interpreted and easily implemented on a global level.

To manage this, the global designs were stripped back and wherever possible we suggested using webparts straight out of the box. We created new grids and layouts to display content better and created new image guidelines for new content, but also provided guidelines for legacy content. We also created a new online lab of webparts and a new set of toolkits specifically for the internal channels team of developers around the globe.

Benchmarx Kitchens Web Site

Benchmarx are a trade only company, however they wanted their products to be customer facing in order to assist their tradesmen show their range. Therefore the site had to be more of a lifestyle site than a tradesman site. The plan was to give the user options to decide on their kitched design and accessories in their own time without a sales man, giving the user the freedom to plan every detail. To assist this, we created a spacious and simplistic site, without any unesccessary extras or spotlight areas. Crisp clean headers and strong imagery kept the focus entirely on kitchen design.

Benchmarx Kitchens >

Lexus UK Car Comparison Tool

The car comparison tool is not a new tool, but is a new feature for a car site. The content is easily available, but only usually exists on comparison websites. Lexus wanted an easy to use tool for users to compare Lexus models with other cars in the same class and other Lexus models. It uses a simple layout based on existing modules within the site and a straight forward step by step process.

Ongoing web site updates for Lexus UK

The Lexus UK site is an ongoing project that since initial completion needs constant maintenence. My jobs on this account have ranged from designing entire sections of the site to creating new pages, modules, functionality or tools.

Most recent is the IS 300h section, Car Comparison tool and Car Tax Calculator.

Lexus UK >